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What are some new transformer component technologies?

David Stockton, Marketing and Sales Manager

ABB's answer

ABB provides new technologies for bushings, tap-changers and smart devices. Bushings: New dry-type bushings for oil-to-air transformers applications, free of oil and paper, for a wide range of voltages: EasyDry using RIS technology (Resin Impregnated Synthetics) and CRS (Combined Resin and Silicon). Tap-changers: New vacuum reactance on-tank tap-changer type VRLTC is fully insulated and mainly used for low voltage regulation. The unique electronic motor drive that controls the tap-changer is fully integrated and can achieve one operation per second (compared to two seconds typically), as well as our new high voltage performance ratings for our in-tank tap changer type VUCL, reaching BIL 1175 kV further expanding ABB's vacuum resistive product line. Smart devices: There is a new portfolio of safety devices that are enabling the continuous monitoring of the major transformer’s parameters such as gas collection, pressure, oil level, temperature and air humidity, thanks to the digital and analog output.


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