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I want to know and understand the standard wiring diagrams for high voltage disconnectors?

Worawut Sae-Kok, Global Product Marketing Manager Disconnectors

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The Wiring diagrams are generally prepared using the symbols defined in IEC 60617  (Special requirement upon request).

Generally, the Wiring diagram will be containing a legend list of devices  with description and ratings, used into the Wiring diagram. An important note which is that the Wiring diagram is prepared considering the gear in OPEN Position and Supply is not connected. The wiring diagram also provides details of wires used and its marking on the wires.

Wiring diagram of Motor Operating mechanism will have following circuits :

  • Control Circuit :
    • Interlocking provision (for each breaker, earth switch or disconnector)
    • Circuit Connection for remote operations
    • Optional: selection of operating modes (local, remote or manual etc.)
    • Optional: local push buttons (OPEN/CLOSE)
    • Optional: other user specific connections
  • Motor Circuit :
    • Motor connection circuit for running the motor (forward/reverse direction)
    • Optional: Thermal protection devices (e.g. MCB or thermal overload relay)
  • Blocking Magnet Circuit (Interlocking coil circuit to restrict the manual operation)
  • Heater and other Circuits (Optional: Thermostat, Power plug, Switches/MCB, Local Illumination lamp and etc.)

All or any of above circuit component may have spare contacts for SCADA use any other controlling purpose.



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