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2500KVA, 22kV/400V, ONAN type transformer

Please indicate whether 2500KVA, 22kV/400V, ONAN type transformers are special type from those transformers which are rated for 2000kVA, 22kV/400V, ONAN and below. Please indicate the details which makes 2.5MVA transformers special from transformers rated 2.0MVA and below.

Douglas Getson, Global Product Manager

ABB's answer

Thank you for the question. From the voltage, cooling and rating information you have indicated, the 2.5 MVA transformer does not appear to be special. However the application that the transformer is used for may make it special if for example this includes Variable Speed Drives or other Harmonic generating equipment. It’s usually the application that the transformer will be used for that determines if its special or not rather than the ratings.

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