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If using a pad-mounted 750kVA transformer, 21kV-480/277V, with feed-thru inserts on each of the high voltage bushings, does the compartment need to be larger to handle all cables?

Transformer HV compartment size for feed-thru inserts on HV bushings.

Richard Mucha, Global Marketing Manager

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Feed-thru inserts consume a great deal of lateral space to accommodate the high voltage lead connections. OEM is typically advised in advance of their use and will design the transformer to have an appropriate amount of spacing between the high voltage bushings and cabinet wall. Therefore, it will be necessary to confirm the spacing between the bushings on the transformer in question.  OEM should provide outline drawings for specific serial and model/style of the transformer. Standards require minimum spacing but not maximum; hence, the spacing would most likely be unique to the OEM.  Also feed-thru inserts are not all the same, so it is also important to supply the style and dimensions to the OEM.


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