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Is there any certificate of routine industrial tests for distribution transformer ?

Deia Bayoumi, Global Product Manager

ABB's answer

A routine test procedure is applied in all DTR factories. In IEC world for example the tests are according to 11.1.2, within iec60076-1 and this apply to all DTR. An equivalent exist within ANSI standard.

Routine test for all transformers:

a) Measurement of winding resistance (11.2)
b) Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement (11.3)
c) Measurement of short-circuit impedance and load loss (11.4)
d) Measurement of no-load loss and current (11.5)
e) Dielectric routine tests (IEFC 60076-3) (11.6)
f) Tests on on-load tap-changers where appropriate (11.7)
g) Leak testing with pressure for liquid immersed transformers (tightness test) (11.8)
h) Tightness test and pressure tests for tanks for gas-filled transformers (refer to 60076-15)
i) Check of the ratio and polarity of built-in current transformers
j) Check of core and frame insulation for liquid immersed transformerts with core frame insulation (11.12).

If you need a specific certificate for a specific transformer supplied by ABB we need to ask it to the supplying factory.


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