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Product: ABB 2000 KVA voltage in 13200 output 480y/277 serial# AB94J545305. Can oil plugs be removed and drain valves placed into transformer to pull oil samples yearly?

We have several of these transformers and we would like to pull oil samples on them yearly. Is it possible to install inspection drains where the oil plugs are currently or is this not recommended for some reason on this model?

Douglas Getson, Global Product Manager

ABB's answer

Theoretically it's possible to replace a drain plug with a valve that would allow you to take an oil sample on a regular basis. You would need to check the specifics of the installation and transformer to check that it can be done in this case (ABB Service would be able to help you here). One other thing to consider is that you would need to consider the design of the transformer before taking an oil sample as over time this will reduce the oil volume in the tank and could compromise the insulation integrity of the transformer.

Your local ABB Service team can support more with this issue.

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