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What paint spec is recommended for transformers located near cooling towers?

Existing transformers located neat a large cooling tower have significant corrosion. Searching for replacement transformers. Corporate standards call for ASTM DI 535-2001 Munsell Notation 8.3G 6.10/0.54 covered with covered with epoxy or acrylic coat for normal applications. If premium paint is needed recommendation is epoxy primer, epoxy intermediate coat and polyurethane top coat with 5 - 6 mils total thickness.

Douglas Getson, Global Product Manager

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ABB US Distribution transformer paint system meets  both standard or coastal environmental requirements as per ANSI C57.12 enclosure standards. For coastal applications, paint system does not change, but the enclosure (tank and cabinetry) is fabricated from SST 304L. As coastal applications can vary dramatically depending on the coast line itself, most preventative measure is to fabricate the enclosure from stainless steel. The same can be said for industrial applications as they can vary from one another quite dramatically similar to the case of cooling towers. 

As manufacturers, we have to settle on a single paint system that encompasses the majority of the applications. And in the harshest environments, utilize alternative materials for fabrication of the enclosure in case the paint system deteriorates due to the level of ambient contamination. You may want to reach out to an industrial paint process supplier to understand the rigors and cost to specify conformance to ASTM DI 535-2001 Munsell Notation 8.3G 6.10/0.54.  We are unable at this time to supply alternative paint systems as ours has been extensively tested and qualified to meet ANSI C57.12 enclosure standard. 

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