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Is it possible to switch in a GIS disconnector on a de-energized cable, which will lead to a switch in current of approx 21 Amps?

At Eems power plant in The Netherlands, 5 power plant units are equiped with a ABB GIS for grid connection at 220kV and 380kV. The type of the disconnector is ELK TE-3 (made in 1995). In a special case (when the grid voltage is zero and the units are at nominal voltage) we would like to switch in the cable with the disconnector of the GIS. The 220kV cable produces 8MVAR (approx 21 Amps) and the 380kV cable produces 15MW (also approx 21 Ams). When the units are energized, is it possible to switch in the load (21Amps) by means of the GIS disconnector?
Thank you in advance.

Olav Knudsen , Principal Engineer, Gas-insulated switchgear

ABB's answer

It is unfortunately not possible to switch the load of 21Amps using type ELK-TE3 disconnectors. Like all other ABB GIS disconnectors, the ELK-TE3 disconnector is a no-load type not designed for switching cables.  

The ABB GIS disconnectors are designed and type tested only for switching short sections of GIS busduct according IEC 62271-102, Annex F. Hence, the capacitive switching current of the GIS disconnector type ELK-TE3 is limited to 0.5 A as required for 420 kV disconnectors in this standard.

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