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What is use of grading capacitor in single make/break circuit breakers?

Why we use grading capacitor in GIS Circuit Breakers with single make & Break points? How they are connected? And little description with what tests should be carried out on them for checking their healthiness?

Olav Knudsen , Principal Engineer, Gas-insulated switchgear

ABB's answer

ABB does not use grading capacitors in GIS single break circuit breakers.

Grading capacitors are only used in GIS circuit breakers with 2 or more breaking chambers.

The grading capacitors are needed to guarantee a uniform voltage distribution between the breaking chambers in open position and during switching and breaking operations.

The grading capacitors are installed in parallel to the breaking chamber inside the GIS enclosure.

Tests for checking the condition of the grading capacitors are not needed due to the enclosed and protected environment inside the GIS circuit breaker.


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