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Why are Fast Acting Earthing Switches (FAES) used in GIS? What is the sequence of operation between FAES, Disconnector and Maintenanace Earthing Switch?

Olav Knudsen , Principal Engineer, Gas-insulated switchgear

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FAES (also known as high speed ground switches or make-proof earthing switches) are used to ground sections of the switchgear, similar to maintenance earthing switches. In addition to maintenance earthing switches, FAES are able to close on an energized conductor without significant damage to the switch or the enclosure.

Typically, FAES are used at feeders that connect to other equipment as lines, cables of capacitor banks for safety. FAES are also capable to interrupt electrostatically and electromagnetically induced currents on de-energized transmission lines. These currents stem from energized lines running in parallel and can easily exceed the capabilities of maintenance earthing switches. The sequence of operation of a FAES is identical to a maintenance earthing switch, where there is usually only one type of earthing switch installed on a conductor section. 

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