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Can we use Distribution circuit breakers for 11kV Generators in the range of 10-50 MVA,if Isym, Iasym and DC component of thro" fault current are less than the CB SC rating?

For smaller power plants the conventional circuit breaker scheme is prevalent. For larger capacity either Unit scheme or GCB scheme is adopted.For smaller units a cost effective optimized solution is required Hence this question. Please clarify..

Martyna Kokoszkiewicz, Service Desk support

ABB's answer

The answer is no, because circuit-breakers for generator rated 10 MVA or more, the standard IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013 shall apply.

The complaince to the aforesaid standard is for GCB only. not including MV distribution breakers. 

The following is the applicability mentioned in IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013:

"It is applicable to generator circuit-breakers that are installed between the generator and the
transformer terminals. Requirements relative to generator circuit-breakers intended for use
with generators and transformers rated 10 MVA or more are covered specifically...."


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