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Is it safe to operate SF6 CB (MTS) without gas in de-energize condition, just only for testing purpose ?

We have ABB MTS 245 kV Module. We need to test control circuit and healthy operation of CB opening & closing in de-energization condition which means no actual voltage of 220 kV. We need these testing without SF6 gas filling, is it possible to test CB without gas filling ? If no then what is minimum level of sf6 to be maintain ? Thank u.

Alberto Zulati, Global Product Manager PASS

ABB's answer

It is not possible to operate the module without gas due to risk of mechanical damage. In fact the gas dynamic inside the breaking chamber has a mechanical damping effect, without this function we cannot guarantee against mechanical damage during testing.

The minimum gas pressure needed to safely operate the de-energized module is the module’s locking pressure.

Nitrogen, at locking pressure, could be used as alternative gas to SF6 just for the purpose of mechanical operation, with the equipment de-energized. Of course, it is then needed to vacuum the nitrogen and fill in SF6 before putting the equipment into service.

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