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Are there special requirements on the heat-sink mounting surfaces when mounting StakPak modules?

Katja Fröhlich, Communications Manager

ABB's answer

To achieve the specified performance of the device, the mounting surfaces should meet the following mechanical specifications:
• Flatness ≤ 20 μm over the sub-module area
• Flatness ≤ 100 μm over whole heat-sink
• Roughness Ra ≤ 1.6 μm
The heat-sink contact surfaces should be machined without ridges, steps or grooves.
ABB recommends the use of nickel-plated heat-sinks. StakPaks have a nickel-plated copper cover and the sub-modules nickel-plated molybdenum-copper base-plates.


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  • Katja Fröhlich

    Katja Fröhlich

    Communications Manager


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