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Are there voltage transformers with more Thermal VA for supplying larger load requirements in the substation or on the overhead lines?

Nicholas S Powers, Global Product Marketing Manager Instrument Transformers

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Yes, these are called Station Service Voltage Transformers. Their primary intent is to provide outputs similar to distribution transformers to supply substation control power needs directly from high voltage bus voltage in one easy voltage transformation from high voltage to low voltage. Generally, these transformers can be connected on high voltage systems from 48kV to 550kV, and supply single phase power from 25kVA to up to 167kVA, and even higher kVAs(up to 500kVA) at certain voltages to provide power to the control room power panel and charge station batteries. They can also be used as a primary power transformer for limited sized loads tapped directly off of the transmission line. Find all Station Service Voltage Transformers on the HV instrument transformer web page (http://new.abb.com/high-voltage/instrument-transformers)


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