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Can Voltage Transformers be used for VA Power needs?

Nicholas S Powers, Global Product Marketing Manager Instrument Transformers

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All inductive and capacitive voltage transformer have two VA burden ratings. 1) Accuracy Burden Rating = VA amount the voltage transformer will support without loss of accuracy classification, and is generally limited to 75VA, 200VA or at most 400VA, and 2) Thermal Burden Rating = Maximum VA amount that the transformer will support continuously without exceeding its temperature rise, but this VA level is not supported with metering accuracy as it generally far exceeds the accuracy burden. Capacitive voltage transformers normally have a very low thermal VA value, less than 1500VA, while inductive voltage transformers can have relatively high thermal burden ratings exceeding 2000VA and as high as 7500VA. This burden can be used for control power for limited uses in the substation or on overhead lines, but the voltage transformer measurement accuracy limit is not applicable.


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