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Is there an option for isolated PTC connection which operates in combination with Safe Torque Off (STO) option on ACS580 drives?

Eero Pyharanta, Global Product Manager

ABB's answer

There is option called CMOD-02 that is installed inside the drive unit. This option offers two functions - external 24Vdc/ac input to power the control unit without main supply and a reinforced isolated PTC input for thermal sensor. The PTC input also has hardwired relay that can be used to open the STO input and trigger safe stop of the drive when the temperature limit is exceeded.


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  • Eero Pyharanta

    Eero Pyharanta

    Global Product Manager

    Eero is the global product manager for ACS550 and ACS580 general purpose drives. Eero studied engineering at the Aalto university in Finland gaining a Masters degree specializing in electrical engineering. Besides the degree in electrical engineering, Eero holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration.

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