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What can be done to remove fault causing CALC_ERR on TZIDC during autostroke?

CALC_ERR is displayed during autostroke on TZIDC

Naas DeJager

ABB's answer

There may be several reasons for this “CALC_ERR” error message in the TZIDC Positioner.

Please consider the following possibilities:

  1. Inconsistent data during Autoadjust process, e.g. low value followed by high value this creates conflicts in the parameter determination
  2. Configuration setup is not according to the instructions and recommended settings.
  3. Large actuators that may need more than 30sec for full travel during Autoadjust process.


  1. Autoadjust function is aborted:
  2. Saving of data is not possible.


Possible Corrective Measure(s):

  1. Check the mechanical connection between positioner shaft and actuator shaft or stem:
    1. Make sure there is no hysteresis that is causing the inconsistent data during the Autoadjust process.
    2. Fix the problem and run another Autoadjust (follow step 2 below)
  2. Follow the setup procedure steps as provided in the Operating Instructions and redo the Autoadjust setup:
    1. Step 1: Disconnect (power down) the positioner for one minute.
    2. Step 2: Follow the Autoadjust procedure on page 35 of the Operating Instructions 42/18-84 >Link<
  3. In case of some incorrect setting that may have been entered in to the TZIDC during commissioning, the fastest way to get back to a clean start will be to do a factory reset and redo the Autoadjust.
    1. Step 1: Reset to factory settings. See page 73 of the Configuration Parameterization Instruction 45/18-79 <Link>
    2. Step 2: Redo the Autoadjust by following the procedure on page 35 of the Operating Instructions 42/18-84 >Link<
  4. For large actuators the positioner may not be able to complete the Autoadjust function to detect the desired control parameters in the predetermined time, and may abort the function. In this case do a partial Autoadjust only for the limits of the actuator as follow:
    1. Step 1: Switch to the Adaptive control mode to only determine actual control parameters, see section 2.5 in the Configuration Parameterization Instruction              45/18-79-EN  <Link>
    2. Step 2: Change the parameter P1.2 from FULL to STROKE and carry out the Autoadjust again. Follow the Autoadjust procedure on page 35 of the Operating Instructions 42/18-84 >Link<
    3. Step 3: It is sufficient to cycle up to 5 times for both combinations: 5mA to 19mA and 12.2mA to 11.8 mA to detect the Control Parameters. This can be done with a portable mA set point simulator or With the process running leave the TZIDC in Adaptive mode for several hours to allow the positioner to find the desired control parameter for the application.
    4. Step 4: Switch back to operation mode CONTROL FIX see section 2.5 in the Configuration Parameterization Instruction 45/18-79-EN  <Link>

If the CALC_ERR does not clear the device may be faulty and will need to be checked by ABB. Please contact your ABB service center or sales support for further assistance in this case.

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