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Vector group of Generator Step-up Transformer

Why do we take Vector Group of Generator Step UP Transformer as YNd1 or YNd11. Somewhere I have seen YNyn0 also.

Richard Mucha, Global Marketing Manager

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The small letters of the Vector group refer to the lower voltage, in the case of a GSU Transformer, this is the winding connected to the Generator. For a GSU application one would normally expect the Transformer winding that connects to the Generator to be Delta (d) as this would limit phase un-balance and potential fault currents. To have a GSU Transformer with a Star (y) connection on the Transformer LV would be an exception, but could be possible is certain circumstances. The actual requirements / Vector group specification is driven by the EPC / system engineering.

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  • Anonymous commented on Jun 8th, 2017

    You forgot the concept of "Step-up" voltage that's why it's customarily used in the delta to wye transformation in GSU X'former.

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