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What is known about the temperature distribution within transformer windings, particularly the magnitude of hot spot temperatures?

Abhishek Rai, Marketing and Sales Manager

ABB's answer

The hottest spot in a oil filled transformers winding is near the top of the coil for core form transformers. In this area, the oil is the hottest, and the eddy losses due to the flux in the core are the highest. For power transformer windings with guided oil flow, ABB has developed a method based on the physical laws of heat transfer and oil flow that enables us to calculate the temperature at any point of the winding. Knowledge of design details in each particular case is necessary to use the method. The results of this calculation are compared with measured temperatures in several full-scale power transformers at various points in the winding, and the compliance is good.


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  • Abhishek Rai

    Abhishek Rai

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