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My Paperless recorder isn't recording any data and there are no traces on the chart?

Nicola Smith

ABB's answer

With the Screenmaster paperless recorders it is possible to disable the recording functionality. This is used at times where the process is not running but the power supply to the recorder is still maintained and prevents useless samples being taken and archived. It is easy to identify this byt he fact that the digital indicators on the display will be showing the instantaneous channel values in red whereas in normal operation they will be black. In order to restore normal operation simply enter the 'setup' or 'logging' menu and select the 'recording control' option. At this point it will show 'stop' as being checked. Simply select 'primary' and press enter to resum recording using the primary sample rate. It should be noted that there will be no data recoevered from the time while recording was disabled.


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