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"How frequently shall I carry out maintenance of the load cell installation?"

Marko Sydanlammi

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The long-term performance of a Roll Force load cell is very much related to the state and condition
of its mechanical installation.
Since the condition of the mechanical installation may gradually change with time, as a preventive
measure, one should regularly, at planned stops in the mill, check the actual state of the mechanical
installation and make sure that the original conditions are maintained. The more frequent
these inspections are carried out, the larger is the possibility to find and correct any occurring irregularities
in the mechanical installation in time.
Due to production priorities and the relatively long mill stops required for dismounting and
remounting of different mechanical parts in an installation, the maintenance of the mechanical
installation might for practical reasons not be possible to carry out frequently enough. To ensure a
stable long term performance of the load cells and other mechanical parts as well as for a maintained
acceptable measuring accuracy, the maintenance of the mechanical installation should preferably
be carried out every 6:th month, otherwise at least on a yearly basis.
Maintenance time is recommended to be set after evaluation of the specific operating situation.
The maintenance should primarily include the inspection and control of the load cells, pressureplates
as well as the under-laying, support structure (mill stand, sledge etc.) and the rocker mating
block or the bearings depending on the actual application. If shortcomings and irregularities are
found at inspection they should be corrected before re-mounting the load cells and the adjacent
mechanical parts back in the installation, see also 2 Inspection and Maintenance.


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  • Marko Sydanlammi

    Marko Sydanlammi

    Marko has a masters of science in mechanical enginering and joined ABB in 1991 where he has held many different positions. Since year 2013 he works in the position as Global Product Manager for Force Sensors to rolling mill and web tension applications.

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