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What happens if the overload range is exceeded?

Marko Sydanlammi

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The highest (uniformly distributed) load that a certain Roll Force load cell can be exposed to without any change of calibration data is 300% the rated load of that load cell.
Loads larger than three times the nominal load can cause permanent deviations from the original
data at delivery. The calibrated sensitivity and the zero point signal of the load cell can change permanently.
Load cell exposed to forces of these high magnitudes it might need a recalibration in
order to regain the original measuring accuracy as delivered.
If the load is not uniformly distributed (e.g. due to poor mechanical installation) then the total overload
capacity would not be 300% but lower. In other words due to occurrence of partial (localized)
overloads the calibration data would get permanently affected at lower total overloads than 300%,
For best long term load cell performance and increased service time for the load cell, overloads of
larger magnitudes should always be avoided. Overloads larger than 700% of the rated load could
mechanically damage the load cell and the load cell core will in that case not be re-usable.
Although there might be no visible sign of any mechanical damage, exposure to overloads less
than 700% could however cause too large deviations in the calibration data of the load cell.
Occurrence of too large deviations might actually be a sign of internal latent damages to the load
cell core. For guaranteeing an acceptable long term performance of the load cell, it is therefore recommended
that the load cell in that case is not reused but replaced.


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    Marko Sydanlammi

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