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Why do I need a GCB Customer Training (Operation & Maintenance)?

Herb Rogers, Head of High-voltage Service

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It is a fact that 12%-15% of the GCB major failures happens due to lack of product knowledge of the operators. GCB customer Training helps our GCB customers to: Enhance their GCB knowledge Ensure a safe operation of the investment Allow a cost-efficient performance of the breaker Guarantee a risk-free utilisation Reduce risk of unexpected and expensive downtimes Keep reasonable costs during life-time of breaker Trainings are also suggested from the IEEE (Std 493-2007, c.4.7.2) through the following sentence: ““…….Human activity is often claimed to be a factor in more than half of all failures of critical power systems and training may the most effective tool available to reduce outages…….” Services for Generator Circuit-Breakers (http://new.abb.com/high-voltage/gcb/service)

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    Herb Rogers

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