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Why isn’t there any signal change when force is applied to the load cell roll?

Marko Sydanlammi

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When there is no sensitivity, there are two possible reasons: 1. The resultant force component is perpendicular to the measuring direction. If there is no force component in the measuring direction, there will be no output signal change. 2. Either the load cell cable or the superior system has not been connected correctly to the electronics. Cables should be checked for damages and the connections should be checked with respect to the corresponding cable diagram. Note that the load cell orientation, with respect to the force direction, has influence on the signal polarity. Opposite polarity on two load cells will cancel out the individual sensitivities. This can easily be detected in the following way. Load cell polarity check: The load cells should be installed to give a positive output signal change for increased web tension. • Apply a force corresponding to increased web tension on one load cell at a time (as close to the load cell as possible). • Check that the output signal change from the load cell is positive. If not, the load cell polarity must be switched. If both load cells give a negative signal change, switch polarity of both.


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  • Marko Sydanlammi

    Marko Sydanlammi

    Marko has a masters of science in mechanical enginering and joined ABB in 1991 where he has held many different positions. Since year 2013 he works in the position as Global Product Manager for Force Sensors to rolling mill and web tension applications.

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