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What is the reference voltage for MWD-10 arresters ? Is there any relation or formula between reference voltage and max. continuous operating voltage?

We are using MWD-10 type SVL’s in the single point bonding link boxes in one of our HV cable project. In our contract with client , there is a test specified as “SVL characteristic” . Our understanding for this test is to be determined by applying DC voltage to the SVL and measure the reference current( Iref.) . In other words, it is to determine the reference voltage.And compare with the Uc.

We checked attached document, but did not find relation or formula between the max continuous operating voltage and reference voltage. So;

MWD-10 type SVL , Urated = 12,5kV , Uc=10kV and Iref =2,2mA specified on table 4 (in pg 17) for MWD arresters. The question is what is the ref. voltage for MWD-10 arresters ?

Christer Lannhard, Global Product Marketing Manager Surge Arresters

ABB's answer

  • The surge arrester type MWD is a surge arrester for transient overvoltage in A.C. systems
  • The reference current for MWD type surge arrester is defined at 2.2mApeak A.C.
  • The minimum value of the A.C. reference voltage for MWD10 is: 11.2kVrms
  • For D.C. testing according to customers request we recommend a D.C. current of 1mA.
  • The requested minimum D.C. test voltage U1mA D.C. is 13.9kV

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