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What is unique with EXCOUNT II compared to other surge counters?

Christer Lannhard, Global Product Marketing Manager Surge Arresters

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EXCOUNT-II is an advanced surge arrester monitor for effectively, reliably and safely monitoring and recording surges on high voltage electrical networks and for tracking the ongoing health of HV arresters in the substation. A short-circuit safe sensor is fitted to the surge arresters within a substation similar to traditional counters, but in addition to counting the number of discharges, EXCOUNT-II also records the amplitude of the surges, together with their date and time, plus measures the total leakage current and resistive current through the arrester. Trending of resistive leakage current over time is recognized as the most reliable in-service diagnostic for gapless surge arresters (IEC 600099-5). Surge measurements are permanently stored in the EXCOUNT-II sensor, while instantaneous current measurements are made on request. The data can be collected when convenient and from a safe distance with the aid of a hand-held cordless transceiver and then analyzed by the user with the included (license free) software.

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    Christer Lannhard

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