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Which apparatus is the first line of defence against switching overvoltages in a substation?

Christer Lannhard, Global Product Marketing Manager Surge Arresters

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All electrical systems and equipment are subjected to electrical stresses caused by higher than normal voltages many times during their lifetime. Such overvoltages are caused by atmospheric disturbances (lightning), switching phenomena as well as system disturbances, and these cannot be avoided. It is vital that the electrical equipment operates fault-free during such abnormal conditions. However, for economic reasons, it is not possible to insulate the electrical equipment with a sufficiently high withstand level to survive all these overvoltages, particularly those resulting from lightning or switching surges. Consequently, these pose a very real danger for causing failure of the electrical equipment. An economical and safe on-line network therefore requires extensive protection against unacceptable overvoltage loads. Surge arresters are the first line of protection against overvoltages. Surge Arresters are protective devices which are designed to limit overvoltages to acceptable levels, without dips or interruption of the system operation.


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