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Can we remove corrosive sulphur from transformer oil? Is that true: http://www.abb.com.sa/cawp/seitp202/1e5ff622ad281da5c12579d6005074c9.aspx

Transformer oil reclamation resulted in removal of Corrosive Sulphur!
"Liam Warren of ABB’s UK power service operation said:
“On-line oil reclamation is a powerful technique that enables
the oil to be restored to virtually as-new condition without
taking the transformer out of service. It has provided excellent
results so far in reducing acid levels and removing corrosive
sulphur from Deeside Power Station’s GSU transformers,
without any safety or environmental issues on this particularly
sensitive site"

Andre Steinberg, Marketing and Sales Manager

ABB's answer

ABB has developed a solid expertise to remove corrosive sulphur from the oil using On-Line Oil reclaiming. Over the past 5 years ABB has been providing this solution in several countries. In order to reach positive and efficient results important is to use adequate oil reclaiming rigs and a well-controlled process.

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    Andre Steinberg

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