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I would like to uprate a transformer by mounting cooling fans on the radiators.

How much can I uprate this way, and what other issues should be considered with respect to the transformer?

Andre Steinberg, Marketing and Sales Manager

ABB's answer

Typically, a transformer can be uprated by 20-25% when cooling fans are mounted on the transformer radiators, but of course the cooling system (fans) must be sized correctly. In addition, the transformer manufacturer should be contacted to ensure that all accessories, components and internal wiring are suitably rated for the increased load. Also, individual requirements need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. How the transformer will be used and environmental conditions need to be considered, along with the entire cooling system as well as the implications for other items, such as bushings or any tap changer that may be fitted.


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  • Andre Steinberg

    Andre Steinberg

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