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Is it possible to coat transformer with water based color (UV and oil resistant) and which color do you recommend ?

In proces of repainting transformers we consider replacement of solvent-based paints, with water based. Is it possible to have same quality and durability?

Andre Steinberg, Marketing and Sales Manager

ABB's answer

ABB for many years has been coating transformers with painting systems with a reduced environment impact. The type of system used varies by manufacturing site and region and is selected based on available chemistry’s, environmental factors and local regulations. Our manufacturing locations successfully use water based solutions and also high solid paint solutions.

There are many water based products available which give equal performance to their solvent based alternatives. With regard to over coating as you mention in your question, there is another variable which you should fully evaluate before applying the paint. This is the compatibility of the paint you are applying with the paint already on the transformer. These questions are best discussed with your local paint provider and I would recommend that some testing is performed.

More information on ABB's initiative to reduce (VOCs)  here and here.




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    Andre Steinberg

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