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What is the difference between oil filtration, oil regeneration and oil passivation?

Andre Steinberg, Marketing and Sales Manager

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Oil filtration (degassing and circulation) is required to dry the oil and get rid of moisture and other dissolved gases. This is an option if the water content value exceeds acceptable limits, and will be reflected in the low breakdown voltage results. Gas concentrations over acceptable limits are another reason for choosing this option. Oil reclaiming is a different process, and should be considered when oil shows unacceptable values of acidity, interfacial tension and dissipation factor. Chemical and adsorbent means are used to remove acidic contaminants, sludge and other performance-degrading byproducts in order to restore the oil`s properties. Oil passivation is a mitigation technique used if the oil is corrosive based on CCD test.

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    Andre Steinberg

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