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Synchronization of UPS

Can we connect the output of UPS system with different power ratings (different kVA) to a single bus and the load will be shared based on their kVA rating?

Carlo Kufahl , Product marketing

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In case of parallel UPS (see description below) it is not possible to have different power ratings in the same system.

Parallel UPS

UPS system are widely used in parallel configurations. The main reasons are:

  • create redundancy
  • scalability: to add power in stages in order to reduce capital expenditures upfront
  • reach large power, greater than 1 Megawatt

UPS systems in parallel, is actually one system made of parallel UPS modules, who has one output.

The UPS modules in the same system are always of the same power rating and from one sole manufacturer.

Each UPS module is supplying equal power to the load (load sharing).

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