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What happens if I exceed the limits for transverse forces?

Marko Sydanlammi

ABB's answer

Transverse force limits are listed as “within accuracy” and “overload”. If the limit “within accuracy” is exceeded, some rise in linearity and hysteresis values can be expected. The repeatability will still be the same, however. If the overload range is exceeded, ABB does not guarantee any load cell data. It is, however, not likely that any severe damage will be done to the load cell immediately above the overload range as the load cells are designed with security margins. Above the overload range, the load cell will be subjected to deformation hardening, which means that as part of the load cell reaches its plastic region, this part will deform and increase in yield strength. Other parts of the load cell will then be the weakest, and this process goes on until break load is reached. Deformation will first be noticed as a considerable zero shift. This zero shift will remain even if the load cell is dismounted. Transverse force overload is not stored in the Tension Electronics Max. Load Memory.


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  • Marko Sydanlammi

    Marko Sydanlammi

    Marko has a masters of science in mechanical enginering and joined ABB in 1991 where he has held many different positions. Since year 2013 he works in the position as Global Product Manager for Force Sensors to rolling mill and web tension applications.

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