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Why run time of PGC2000 chromatograph gradually change from 260 sec. as its start to reach to 800 sec.?

we have PGC2000, recently we notice gradual shift for components peaks retention times along last three years that led to extent the chromatograph run time from 260 sec. as its start to reach to 800 sec., the online analysis first work was in 2004

Pat Cashwell, Global Sales Manager for Measurement Products

ABB's answer

There may be several reasons the retention times have changed from 2004.  It might not be exclusively one of the following; it could be a combination of individual problems.

  1. The separation column needs to be replaced.  This is a consumable item in the PGC and periodically this should be changed during routine maintenance activities.  Generally speaking, a column would last approximately one year, but there can be stream conditions or chemical composition which can decrease the life expectancy of this spare part. 
  2. The analytical flows on the analyzer have not been properly set during calibration or validation.  This is a typical maintenance check on the analyzer. 
  3. There could be a temperature control anomaly with the isothermal oven temperature in the analyzer. 
  4. There could be a pressure control anomaly with the carrier utility in the analyzer.

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  • Pat Cashwell

    Pat Cashwell

    Global Sales Manager for Measurement Products

    Pat Cashwell is the Global Sales Manager for Measurement Products. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and has been with ABB for 15 years. He started his career at ABB as the US Business owner for both Temperature and Pressure product. This US role was expanded to include both Actuators and Positioners and Recording and Control. Then he became the Global Product and Sales Manager for Pressure and then the Global Sales Manger for Field Instruments. In addition to his current role, he is presently serving on the Board of Director for MCAA.

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