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What is the smallest feature size ABB Semiconductors can produce?

I know that nVidia, Intel, AMD are through the 14nm in semiconductors size; and even further Qualcomm does have a 10nm semiconductor GPU related to phones, my question is: ABB is competitive in this field approaching to the smallest size for computational high speed processes?

Katja Fröhlich, Communications Manager

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ABB Semiconductors is a leading supplier of high power semiconductors. Our products are for example used in High Voltage DC converter stations to convert DC to AC or vice versa. They operate in the MW power range with  a blocking voltage of up  to 10 kV and a current rating of several thousand Amps. This requires a certain silicon area, therefore  miniaturization of power semiconductor devices has its physical limit far above dimensions used in  e.g. high speed CPU devices (microW/mW power range). Smallest feature size for high power semiconductor chips is in the range of a few 100 nm. For more information please see our ABB semiconductor homepage, especially our product brochure (http://search.abb.com/library/Download.aspx?DocumentID=Product%20brochure&LanguageCode=en&DocumentPartId=&Action=Launch).


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