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Are there any methods to check the TCO of several transformer designs for given capitalization values (i.e capitalization value of NLL & LL)?

Richard Mucha, Global Marketing Manager

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There is a calculation method for determining the total cost of a transformer over the lifetime. The main components of this cost are the first cost ie. the purchase price of transformer and the cost of electrical losses of the transformer over its lifetime. The cost of the losses needs to be converted to the time of purchase (calculation of Net Present Value) in order to be able to determine the total cost. There are also other components that do have an effect on the total cost such as the cost of installation, commissioning and maintenance. These may be added on the total cost but usually they represent relatively low share of the total cost. One cost component may also be the cost of down time (due to poor reliability) which can be significant in some cases.
ABB has created a web portal which includes information about the Total Cost of Ownership –method (TCO) and the related calculation as well as a free-access web-tool. The easy-to-use ABB Transformer TCO Tool supports customers to determine, based on their own situation and future scenario, the right loss capitalization values to be used in their inquiry to be passed to the manufacturers. The tool also helps in comparing different alternative  transformer offers, calculates the monetary savings and evaluates the environmental impact and therefore supports the related decision making and increases the awareness.
Further information, see the portal Energy efficiency - Transformers | ABB ->  http://new.abb.com/products/transformers/energy-efficiency


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