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Fan Controller settings for ABB Cast Coil Transformer

I need to provide temperature settings for a Cimco Series 21 fan controller on a ABB cast coil transformer Serial Number 24-60294-01. The desired settings are Fans On, Alarm, Trip, Trip Off, Alarm Off and Fans Off
The ambient temperature in the vicinity of the transformers is ~30 degrees C.
I would also like a cut sheet of the transformer which indicates the transformer insulation ratings

Richard Mucha, Global Marketing Manager

ABB's answer

The factory settings for the temperature monitor are as follows. These are the max settings for this transformer. The contacts can be set to these or any lower temperature.

We do not have a cut sheet on the transformer, but all cast coil transformers produced by ABB in Bland use 185°C class insulation.

Fans On: 130°C
Alarm: 160°C
Trip 185°C


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