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How is ABB preparing to meet the upcoming Eco Design Directive (2009/125/EC), which goes into effect in 2015?

Max Claessens, PPTR Technology Manager

ABB's answer

ABB has been in the energy business for 120 years. Our technologies are used along the entire energy value chain, from resource extraction and electrical generation, transmission and distribution, to the efficient use of energy in industry, transportation and buildings. ABB technology helps customers squeeze the greatest value from each unit of energy they use, helping businesses become more competitive while reducing environmental impact. Creating innovations that enhance energy efficiency is a cornerstone of ABB's global strategy. The upcoming Eco Design Directive (2009/125/EC) regarding transformers recognizes the potential energy efficiency savings available in electrical networks. By setting minimum efficiency standards for transformers, it enables large-scale energy savings in Europe. Even so, ABB considers these requirements to be the minimum base level of transformer efficiency, and is driving innovation and R&D towards even more efficient transformer products. ABB is ready to support the market and our customers with regulation compliant products, and encourages customers to evaluate the true lifetime costs of transformers using the total cost of ownership calculation method (TOC). This helps to clarify the economics and benefits of low-loss transformers, showing the advantages of selecting units that exceed the minimum requirements of the upcoming regulation.


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