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Recommendation of adding oil to an energized transformer

We have an ABB 1,500 kVA, 2400/480 volt, Inst book #PC-1002, Serial #PAB3162-0001, Manu Date 10/97. It is low on oil and oil temp is 85°C. The top valve appears to be below the oil level by ~5 inches. Wanted to add oil while energized but have serious concerns. Please advise. I have pictures.

Giuseppe Petrelli, Global Marketing and Sales Manager

ABB's answer

ABB strongly recommends not to add oil while the transformer is energized.

First, because of personal safety reasons. Secondly, if the process is not done by experience personal with the appropriate equipment, there could be bubbles which would change the insulation structure, causing the transformer failure.


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  • Giuseppe Petrelli

    Giuseppe Petrelli

    Global Marketing and Sales Manager


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