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can I use common battery for six frame DPA 500 ?

My total load is 3 MVA, I am using 6 frame DPA 500 in parallel, So I wonder if I can using just 1 common battery system for 6 frame.

Carlo Kufahl, Product marketing

ABB's answer

The DPA 500 UPSs accept a shared battery so using a common battery across six frames DPA 500 can be done. However, this is not recommended.

One common battery bank represents a single point of failure, and in practice the installation (wiring & fusing) of one battery system connected to 6 UPS frames is more complex than installing a separate battery per frame.

Therefore we recommend a dedicated battery bank for each frame.


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  • Carlo Kufahl

    Carlo Kufahl

    Product marketing

    Carlo Kufahl is the Product Manager for 3-phase modular UPS at the center of excellence for UPS, Power Protection Product Group of ABB, Quartino, Switzerland. He joined in 2010 and as a Sales Engineer for two years and then he took over as Product Manager. Today he coordinates and manages the complete life cycle of the 3-phase modular UPS which includes pre-development, development, launch, sales and phase out of products. Carlo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland. Carlo also holds a Master in Business Administration obtained at Zürich University of Applied Sciences.

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