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I am using a cal gas blend that does not have any neopentane through a 8206 NGC. My question is if it is ok to only have 7 peaks in the chrom? I also have a extra gate on the C2-.

I was wondering how to remove the extra gate on the C2- peak etc...

Massimo Baldizzone, Technical Sales Support

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The NGC8206 will report 7 peaks for the heavy portion of the analysis (Chrom-1) by using calibration blends without neo-pentane. Components are the following: C6+, unmeasured lights, C3, IC4, NC4, IC5 and NC5. The neo-pentane (neoC5), if present, shall be in front of the IC5. The light portion of the analysis (Chrom-2) will show C3+, N2, CH4, CO2 and C2. I'll email a technical bulletin with the procedures on how to calibrate the analyzer without neo-pentane and how to remove the gate of the C2-.



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  • Massimo Baldizzone

    Massimo Baldizzone

    Technical Sales Support

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