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Is the quality, i.e. purity and composition, critical for the utility gases?

Massimo Baldizzone, Technical Sales Support

ABB's answer

Yes.  The ABB detectors are design to detect and measure trace level contaminants in process streams.  Any contamination present in the utilities can decrease measured component sensitivity, reduce analyzer hardware life expectancy through contamination, and reduce component linearity response.  Ultimately contamination will increase the routine maintenance costs.  Utility specification can be found in the analyzer operation manual.


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  • Massimo Baldizzone

    Massimo Baldizzone

    Technical Sales Support

    My responsibility is to provide Technical Sales Support on Process Gas Chromatographs, Multiwave Photometers, RVP analyzers and Data Systems in ABB’s Measurement Products Business Unit and the markets it serves including refinery, petrochemical and chemical. I have been with ABB since January 2009 and held positions as Gas Chromatography and Process Photometers Specialist and Local Product Manager for ABB Italy since 2011. I’ve been appointed MED Region Technical Sales Support in 2011 and starting from 2014, I assumed a full time position as European Technical Sales Support for ABB Lewisburg Process Analytics. I hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Pure and Applied Chemistry from Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”.

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