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Are yearly service contract available to maintain metallurgical analysers?

Daniel Gagnon, Sales Manager for the Metallurgical Analyzers Industry

ABB's answer

Typically, LiMCA are covered by service contract. We have a skilled service team travelling worlwide to offer on site maintenance and calibration of LiMCA analysers. These equipments are rather difficult to manipulate and transport and ABB provide local service to its customers.

Service contract may als00be offered for Alscan. This is discussed on a case by case basis.


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  • Daniel Gagnon

    Daniel Gagnon

    Sales Manager for the Metallurgical Analyzers Industry

    Daniel Gagnon has 25 years of experience in the aluminium industry. He has been with ABB for the last 7 years as sales manager for the Metallurgical Analyzers Industry. His previous experiences cover sales, project management and engineering project related to casthouse operation and molten metal processing. He has a strong knowledge of the world aluminium market.

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