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Exist flow meter for 540°C & 140 kg/cm2 superheated steam?

We are thinking to change flow meters by nozzle in a Power Plant with those characteristics of fluids.

Al Betz

ABB's answer

Yes, we would normally offer a Flow Nozzle for this duty.  It can be supplied for direct welding into the steam line, if necessary, and be manufactured in almost any suitable

high temperature alloy steel to match the process pipework and application .  Normally the user/customer specifies the exact material required. 

If it is for Turbogenerator  testing,  we can design and manufacture a Nozzle assembly to ASME PTC-6.

Your local ABB office will be happy to assist you in obtaining a quotation , once you have full process and pipeline details.  They can be found at : www.abb.com/contacts.


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