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Are you provide examples of space missions ABB is involved in ?

Jill McGee

ABB's answer

ACE-FTS on SciSat-1, for the Canadian Space Agency, was launched by NASA in August 2003 and is successfully operational on-orbit since then.  ACE-FTS is an atmospheric chemistry mission to study ozone depletion.  ABB was the prime contractor for the main payload of the satellite.  Another example is CrIS on-board NPOESS:  ABB provides the heart of this next generation of weather satellites, under a sub-contract from ITT Space Systems (for NGST, NASA, NOAA and DoD).  ABB also provides the main sub-system of the GOSAT satellite for the Japanese Space Agency, for greenhouse gases measurement in support of the Kyoto protocol, under a sub-contract from NEC-Toshiba Space Systems. 


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