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What is the difference between the TSP100, TSP300 and TSP400 series?

Horst Schwanzer, Global Product Manager for Temperature (in Alzenau, Germany)

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TSP 100 series can be used in standard ambient conditions up to intrinsically safe applications. The TSP300 series is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions like in maritime areas including intrinsically safe, dust and explosion proof applications. The TSP400 series can be used for O&G especially for offshore applications.

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Area expert

  • Horst Schwanzer

    Horst Schwanzer

    Global Product Manager for Temperature (in Alzenau, Germany)

    Horst Schwanzer is the Global Product Manager for Temperature and is located in Alzenau Germany. He has been with ABB for 30 years specializing in engineering and application solutions for temperature and interface automation products. He starts in the research department for flow meters. Then he worked in the development department for transmitters. After this he worked as a product manager for several interface and measurement products.

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