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Can i use a LST400 controller to operate the Ksonic Micro

i have a LST400 controller and want to use it to control the KSONIC MICRO, so i want to know if it's possible.

Jacques Groenewald

ABB's answer

The LST400 and KSonik KMicro are both fully independent instruments.
The LST400 controller will be used with one of its dedicated sensors. Typically the S15, F15 or C15.
The KMicro on the other hand has a 4-20mA output of its own, and can communicate with any control system directly.
To add control functionality, I recommend one of two options:
1) Use an LST400 with one of its sensors (for example S15)
2) Use a KMicro with a separate controller (for example the ABB CM15 or CM30)


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