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Are there transformers with multiple secondary outputs?

Have a customer putting in a 500 KVA transformer, 23kv/480vac 3 phase. I have a need for a 45 KVA 208 three phase output. Is there a product that combines these outputs into one transformer. I don't recall ever seeing one, but I am receiving questions about this option. Normally I would just put in a 480/208 VAC 45KVA transformer.

Deia Bayoumi, Global Product Manager

ABB's answer

This can be done by the ABB factory in Jefferson City, but it is typically not a cost effective solution. This type of distribution transformer will require having taps for “control” power. This presents quite a challenge as the volts per turn do not match the control voltage, so we will not be able to supply a precise output (in this case, V/T times 4 turns = 191V, not 208V).
In addition, there are other technical challenges in getting the tap point out and designing in extra capacity which add supplementary time and cost.
Considering abovementioned elements, customers facing this challenge will commonly procure a second unit (480 to 208 cpt in this case) to save money.


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