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How much voltage regulation can the PCS100 AVC provide

Andrew Hiscock, Sales Manager Power Protection

ABB's answer

The PCS100 AVC currently provides +/-10% continuous regulation but we have plans to increase this to +/-15% continuous regulation early next year. We are also planning to add an additional range of products that will focus on regulation only, the target for these will be +/-20% continuous regulation.

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  • Andrew Hiscock

    Andrew Hiscock

    Sales Manager Power Protection

    Andrew is an Electrical Engineer with 25 years in the electrical industry. Initial work was in the commercial and light industrial sector including small scale mining operations and Building Management Systems. The last 15 years have been in the fields of Training, Application Engineering, and Product Management for AC motor controllers for PDL Electronics and Schneider Electric, From there Andrew moved to Vectek a specialty Power Electronics Company which was subsequently purchased by ABB, Andrew's initial roles was Customer Support Engineer and sales development in Singapore and Malaysia. After that Andrew transferred to ABB China for 3 year contract based in Shanghai to grow the Power Protection Business in China and Asia. Andrew then returned to New Zealand to take up the position of Global Sales Manager for Power Protection products.

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