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Can we replace a rotary/dymanic UPS with a PCS100 UPS-I

Dario Rozman, Product Manager Power Protection

ABB's answer

Replacement of dynamic/rotary UPS (DUPS) solutions with PCS100 Industrial UPS is highly recommended. The PCS100 UPS-I achieves greater efficiency levels, has lower operating and maintenance costs therefore it has a lower total cost of ownership. Additional benefits or PCS100 UPS-I include, smaller footprint in design, lower noise levels, smaller weight, avoiding the need for special heat and airflow solutions that DUPS solutions usually require.

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  • Dario Rozman

    Dario Rozman

    Product Manager Power Protection

    Dario is Product Manager for Power Protection. Dario studied electrical engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia with focus on automation and process control. Dario worked 7 years in ABB Croatia with various industrial automation product and systems in product/sales management positions, before moving to New Zealand where he joined ABB’s Power Conditioning business in Napier.

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